Towards Quality Higher Education in Pleasant Environment, Respected Guardians and Dear Prospective Students.

Greetings !

I would like to welcome you all in the premises of this prestigious academic institution at Bharatpur. Since its establishment in the year 1996, we have been working hard to meet the country’s demand of technical manpower in Agriculture, Engineering, Medical and Veterinary Sciences. NPI has a distinguished experience of over 23 years in quality education integrating a set of teaching and learning values, real life skills and social experience to prepare you for an innovative future. A culture of excellent delivery system and peaceful environment help a student to flourish professional career.

We pride ourselves on being the largest technical institute in private sector in the country. We have the ample working space and safe infrastructures built to meet the standard of the CTEVT and Universities in the region. We have managed this college to work in a satellite approach so as all are working in place to help you develop your best career. We have a quite energetic team of faculty members having promising career be able to mentor you the kind of updated technical knowledge in the field.

Seeing the career prospects of our passed out graduates and their excellence in the respective positions in several organizations, I am sure you will also be placed in some other competitive positions. So, I encourage all prospective students, their guardian and local community to join hands for helping our youths develop happy and prosperous future !!

Prof. Dr. Durga Datta Dhakal